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Reminder: Remediate your infinity cables before it's too late comment

Infinity cables imported by Infinity Cable Co Pty Ltd were recalled nationally in 2013 after they failed electrical safety standards due to poor quality plastic insulation coating. This could cause electric shock if the cabling is disturbed. Read More >

Congratulations to Noah Balta for his win in the 2020 AFL grand final! comment

Congratulations to all Richmond supporters, especially to ETU VIC Assistant Secretary, Ivan Balta, and his family. Ivan’s son Noah played a magnificent role in his first ever AFL grand final victory for the Tigers. Read More >

ETU fights for sick leave rights – appeals Qantas decision comment

When Qantas stood down 20,000 workers this year, it decided to not pay sick leave to those workers despite being in the middle of a pandemic. It argued that it didn’t have to, so therefore it wouldn’t. Read More >

One story for the workers, another for the stock exchange comment

The CEPU in South Australia is standing up for a fair enterprise agreement (EA) at SA Power networks (SAPN) and Enerven this year.   Read More >

Queenslanders urged to vote wisely on 31 October comment

The Queensland election on 31 October is a crucial vote for the state’s future with the elected government taking the reins for a fixed four-year term. Read More >

ETU knocks off baseline agreement! comment

Unions fought back this month against a dodgy labour hire agreement, winning an appeal to stop it at the Fair Work Commission (FWC). Read More >

Important updates for apprentices comment

Funding for apprentices and young people in the recently announced federal budget falls short of Australia’s needs, and leaves public institutions like TAFE out in the cold. Read More >

MEDIA RELEASE: Albanese's energy plan will drive job growth comment

Anthony Albanese’s commitment to rebuilding and modernising the national electricity transmission system will turbocharge Australia’s transition to renewable energy and provide sorely needed jobs for national economic reconstruction. Read More >

Quick win strategies to rebuild your super comment

There are ways to rebuild your super after an investment switch or market volatility: some quick and some over time. We’ve touched on some of the key strategies. Read More >

Media release: NBN should have been done properly the first time comment

The Liberals have finally admitted they botched the NBN when they built it to the node rather than the home. The Communications Minister will today confirm fibre optic cable will be expanded to a further two million homes at a cost of $3.5 billion.   Read More >

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