National Team

Allen Hicks

National Secretary

Allen has been a full-time official for more than 20 years. Allen is a licensed electrician and has worked in the coal & metalliferous mining industries, commercial, industrial and domestic electrical sectors.

David Mier

Assistant National Secretary

Dave did his electrical apprenticeship at the Port of Melbourne starting in 1980. For over 40 years he has championed the rights of electrical workers and been a stalwart of the union movement.

Michael Wright

Acting National Secretary

Since joining the Union in 2007, Michael has represented electrical workers across Australia and the region. He is committed to advancing members’ rights and ending the scourge of asbestos.

Matthew Murphy

National Industry Coordinator

Trevor Gauld

National Policy Officer

Annette Moran

CEPU National Governance & Compliance Officer

Cassandra Taylor

Yolla Abousleiman

National Industrial Officer/Lawyer

Armen Aghazarian

National Industrial Officer

Eimear O’Sullivan

National Communications Coordinator

Eranga Ramawickrama

Finance Manager

Joanne Hodge

Executive Assistant

Sarah Brunton

National Technical Officer

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