Unions rally around Australia for better conditions for workers in each state

On Wednesday 5 April the ETU and other major unions rallied around Australia to demand better safety and working conditions. After years of the COVID pandemic, it was great to hit the streets in large numbers and show our representatives and decision-makers that we’re a force to be reckoned with.

With a Labor Government in power federally and in every mainland state, it was a chance to remind them of their promises to workers at every election. If these governments fail to make life better for workers, their families and their communities, we will hold them to account.  

The main focuses of the rallies included:

Banning the use of manufactured stone containing silica nationally

This dust is killing workers young and old, and workers must be protected.

Overhauling the Fair Work Ombudsman

The ombudsman is riddled with workers who recently moved over from the anti-worker Australian Building Construction Commission. It treats unions and workers unfairly and does nothing to tackle wage theft. It should be completely overhauled.

Cost of living crisis

The cost of living is through the roof, and workers are left bearing the brunt. Corporate fat cats’ profits and price gouging are driving record inflation, not our wages. We need real wage increases to keep up, or we all risk falling further behind.

Thanks to all who turned up to protest for issues affecting our members. By showing up and standing up for what you believe in, we can make life better for all. Check out photos from around the country below.

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This article was publised on 26 April 2023.