Licence Defended, Safety Upheld

In 2023 the UEER training package increased training for the supply and installation of cables. An additional course was added that covers cable sizing, selection and installation requirements.

Due to this additional course being included in the UEER training package, NECA/RACCA SANT applied to the South Australian Business and Consumer Commission to expand RAC license provisions to allow RAC technicians to perform electrical work – this is potentially a conflict of interest given that RACCA is a division of NECA SA/NT Branch.

The union received no response from the Commissioner regarding our detailed safety concerns.

The Commissioner then replied with the date they would be changing the licensing regime to allow RAC technicians to perform electrical work.

The ETU wrote to the Commission again, again highlighting the safety issues and concerns. In February of this year, after this last lot of correspondence from the union, the ETU attended a meeting with the Commissioner, the result of which was the decision to expand the scope of the RAC license was put on hold to allow for further deliberation.

The Masters Electricians also issued a submission to the Commission in support of the ETU’s position.  Interstate licensing organisations also agreed, as did Powering Skills Organisation Australia.

We all know how important electrical safety is and, after hearing from us, the SA Business and Consumer Commission agrees. The ETU has defended the importance of our electrical license, yet again.

Electrical installation work needs an electrical license.

This article was publised on 30 June 2024.