Women have Nowhere to Go

The Electrical Trades Union has released a new report 'Nowhere to Go' about the lack of adequate bathroom amenities for women on many work sites around Australia. 

Watch the launch of the report below.

Ensuring workplace amenities and in particular, workplace toilets, are regularly serviced, hygienic, accessible and suitable should be a priority for every workplace. Sadly, this is often not the case. For women in historically male-dominated occupations women’s amenities are frequently treated as an inconvenience, an afterthought or not provided at all. When they do exist they are often not clean or hygienic, are far away from the work site or in an unsafe location. 

The Workplace Health and Safety regime has simply failed to keep pace. The system fails at all levels and acts as an impediment to women working in male dominated occupations, trades and industries.

Employers, regulators, and legislators have failed to respond to the increasing shifts in workforce composition. This failure leads to the continuing exclusion of women from too many workplaces around the country.

The harm caused by this is not limited to the women who are unfairly discriminated against, but to Australia as whole. In all the debates around skills shortages and temporary skilled migration, policy makers and industry consistently ignore that there is an entire gender largely excluded from participating in these industries. In building a fairer workplace, we will build a stronger, wealthier, and more productive society.

It is time for the legislated provision of adequate workplace amenities to make sure workers are no longer left with nowhere to go.

Nowhere to Go: workshop event

The report contains 10 recommendations to fix this issue, but as a union we need to get the word out to our political representatives to create change. This workshop will discuss practical tips on how to reach out to your local representative and how together we can eradicate this problem.

When: 6pm AEST, 1 September 2021
Where: Zoom
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