Union reveals Federal Government fund to address mental health of FIFO workers untouched

The Electrical Trades Union has revealed a Federal Government pledge of more than $6 million, promised to address the mental health crisis among Fly in Fly Out (FIFO) workers last year, has not been spent.

As highlighted in Senate Estimates last night, the $6.3 million is sitting untouched, with contracts not even signed.

ETU Acting National Secretary Michael Wright says the Federal Government must amend this immediately.

“This is another failure to deliver by Prime Minister Scott Morrison and its FIFO workers, who are essential to our economy, who are bearing the cost. He’s all smiles when he wears the hi-vis, but when the cameras switch off so does he.” Mr Wright said. 

“It’s absolutely disgraceful. FIFO workers are living through the perfect storm for a mental health crisis, they have to choose between having a job or seeing their family. Workers who test positive on-site have to self-isolating in a 4×4 room that’s little more than a cell. And Scott Morrison can’t even be bothered to spend the money his Government has budgeted.

“The Federal Government must allocate this funding and sign the contracts as soon as possible. It is desperately needed and should have been delivered last year.

“It is the least the Prime Minister can do when lives are at stake.”

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This article was publised on 16 February 2022.