MEDIA RELEASE: Albanese’s energy plan will drive job growth

Anthony Albanese’s commitment to rebuilding and modernising the national electricity transmission system will turbocharge Australia’s transition to renewable energy and provide sorely needed jobs for national economic reconstruction.

The Labor leader last night committed to a $20 billion plan which would allow Australia to make the most of new energies and technologies such as hydrogen and battery production by modernising the electricity grid.

“This plan will create an explosion of jobs, slash energy prices and accelerate Australia’s transition to a clean energy future,” said Allen Hicks, National Secretary of the Electrical Trades Union.

“Australians have taken to renewable energy with gusto, but the current grid just isn’t built to accomodate the world we are moving into. An upgrade of this magnitude is critically important and well overdue.

“With more Australians are out of work now than in decades, it makes perfect sense to put them to work building the energy grid of the future. For young Australians this plan would be especially powerful. In some parts of Australia more than a quarter of young people are jobless. Electrical apprenticeships on a project like this could transform young lives.

“Anthony Albanese’s commitment to using Australian workers and supplies for this project reflects true Labor values. This is precisely the sort of nation-building that this moment demands.

“This plan will also have powerful downstream benefits for manufacturers and other businesses, by lowering the cost of energy.

“We are optimistic that if elected, Labor will look for opportunities to strengthen the role of publicly-owned energy generation and distribution in the national grid.”

This article was publised on 9 October 2020.