New Energy Apprenticeship Program Expansion

The Australian Apprenticeships Incentive System Program Guidelines are being updated to broaden the eligibility for the New Energy Apprenticeships Program (NEAP)and will take affect from 1 June 2024. 

The changes provide more opportunities for apprentices and trainees to gain meaningful experience and exposure in the clean energy sector. 

The New Energy Apprenticeships Program gives apprentices of 40 different occupations – including electricians, linesworkers, fitters, cablers, and more – up to $10,000 in support over the duration of their apprenticeship, paid in five $2,000 instalments. 

More than 2,210 New Energy Apprentices have signed-up since the program’s launch last year. In simple terms, the expanded eligibity criteria means it’ll will be easier for more apprentices to get the NEAP payments.

In March 2023 the ETU brought a delegation of ETU apprentices to Canberra to lobbying the Government for more targeted investment in apprenticeships. In the 2024 the Government is removing the requirement that an apprentice’s work be solely dedicated to clean energy, whilst retaining a clean energy skilling purpose for the apprenticeship.  

The Federal Government is also expanding the types of apprenticeships that are eligible, including designing and constructing hydroelectricity, solar and battery installations, electric vehicle maintenance and more. This expanded program will increase the skilled workforce with clean energy related skills in residential energy efficiency and will help support the government’s ambitious housing agenda. 

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This article was publised on 15 May 2024.