Malinauskas Govt investigating return to public ownership of SA electricity system

The CEPU SA Branch and SA Unions are urging the State Labor Government to address soaring power prices by making further public investment in renewable generating assets and grid scale energy storage.

The recent SA ALP State Convention resolved to investigate the costs and benefits to South Australians of returning to a full, or part, public ownership model that returns control of the South Australian electricity system to South Australians.

We want the SA Government to create a public electricity trust to build and run public electricity assets in the public interest rather than the interests of private profits.

These public investments would be addition to the government funded green hydrogen project being built in Whyalla – which includes 250 MWe of renewably powered hydrogen producing electrolysers, 200 MW of green hydrogen powered electricity generation and a 3,600 tonne capacity green hydrogen storage facility.

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This article was publised on 1 November 2022.