Set Fire to Labour Hire

The Queensland and Northern Territory Divisional Branch has launched its SET FIRE TO LABOUR HIRE campaign ahead of the upcoming federal election.

Plenty of our members have first-hand experience of the disgraceful conditions of labour hire companies, which have progressively deteriorated under 12 years of consecutive Liberal/National federal governments.

Under current legislation, you can be a causal employee for up to 12 months. Prior to this, awards used to have a limit of six weeks as a casual employee.

The Branch will be looking for a commitment from Labor leader Anthony Albanese that if Labor wins the next election, we will see legislative changes and that will make change that limit to three months at the maximum.

This campaign will continue to run after the election, and will hold Labor to account on this issue if they are successful in winning government. For updates on the campaign and to show support, follow the Facebook page.

This article was publised on 24 February 2022.