An update on Automatic Mutual Recognition of Licensing

This month, we asked our members on social media to have their say about the government’s proposed Automatic Mutual Recognition (AMR) scheme ahead of its planned implementation in July 2021.

The federal government is amending the Mutual Recognition Act to automatically recognise electrical licenses from any state or territory.

It’s called Automatic Mutual Recognition (AMR) and we’re not opposed to it in principle, but there are some major problems with this legislation. We think in its current form it puts both consumers and electricians at risk of safety incidents and big fines. It will be a huge threat to our industry that prides itself on safety and high-quality work.

Before this goes ahead, the government needs to ensure that all state and territory conduct rules are standardised before we take the next steps to AMR.

We are asking the government to exempt the electrical trades from AMR until all state and territory governments align the electrical safety legislation that electrical workers need to comply with. By ensuring the legislation that directs how and by whom electrical work can be performed aligns nationally we mitigate the risk of exposing electrical workers to breaches of legislation and diminish the risk to the health and safety of workers and the public.


Over 300 of you sent a submission through our website to the Deregulation taskforce in the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet before the closing date. A huge thank you to all of you for standing up to protect your license and uphold conduct rules and safety standards.

What’s next?

Further calls to action from members may be needed over the coming months to ensure we protect the health and safety of our members, their families, and the community.

Automatic Mutual Recognition can occur safely and effectively if we have nationally consistent electrical safety legislation.

We will continue to lobby Federal and State governments to seek an exemption from AMR for Electrical occupations until such time meaningful and robust consultation with industry stakeholders delivers nationally consistent safety laws.

This article was publised on 26 February 2021.