Queenslanders urged to vote wisely on 31 October

The Queensland election on 31 October is a crucial vote for the state’s future with the elected government taking the reins for a fixed four-year term.

A shout out to ETU members, Shane King MP Kurwongbah, Lance McCallum MP Bundamba, Kim Richards MP Redlands, Chris Whiting MP Bancroft and Chris Johnson in Coomera who are all standing for Labor in 2020.

While many Queenslanders have already voted, an estimated 1-1.4 million will cast their ballot on Saturday. If you are one of these please consider your choice carefully.

Do you want a Labor Government that will keep you and your family safe while protecting your licence, your job, your pay and conditions, while saving public assets from privatisation or do you want an LNP minority Government that will cut jobs, sell assets, degrade your licence and remove your workplace protections? The choice is clear.

Compare the pair for ETU members

This article was publised on 28 October 2020.