Media release: Morrison energy plan is more hot air

Scott Morrison’s latest energy plan is another roadblock on Australia’s path to a job-rich, clean energy future.

The 22nd energy policy of the Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison governments fails to deliver clean energy jobs, lower prices or commitment to zero net emissions, according to the Electrical Trades Union. 

 “Workers, investors and consumers are jogging on the spot to embrace renewable energy. But all Scott Morrison is giving them is cheap politics,” said Allen Hicks, ETU National Secretary. 
“We are in the midst of the worst economic crisis in living memory and we need commitment to clean energy jobs, lower energy prices and zero emissions. The time for culture wars and posturing is over.
“This policy does little to encourage investment in clean energy. Instead it advocates for the development of carbon capture and storage projects in Australia, despite ongoing questions about the technology’s viability. Carbon capture and storage is extremely complex and is an emerging technology, which requires some very specific geology to work.
“If we’re going to make a public investment into complex, unproven technologies like carbon capture and storage, it should not be at the expense of clean energy.
“What we really need is bold and decisive leadership to drive investment in affordable, reliable, clean power. Upgrading and maintaining our electricity grid so it can accommodate wind, solar and hydrogen is an urgent task. It has the added benefit of employing Australian workers and stimulating the post-crisis economy.”

This article was publised on 25 September 2020.