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  • Save Solar Campaign Enters Critical Phase

We are at a critical point in the campaign to Save Solar and Save the Renewable Energy Target. Federal Parliament resumes next week and the closed door discussions between the Government, the ALP and the crossbenches will go into hyperdrive. Read more here

  • MEDIA RELEASE: Government urged to reject 457 visa review recommendations that would lead to cuts to skills training, wages, and language skills

The Federal Government has been urged to reject key recommendations of the independent panel reviewing the 457 visa program, released today, amid fears they will reduce investment in skills training, wages, lower English language requirements and abolish labour market testing. Read more here

  • MEDIA RELEASE: Young Australians abandoned by the Federal Government as temporary skilled migration chosen over local training 

The Federal Government has put up the white flag on youth unemployment, choosing to increase Australia’s reliance on temporary skilled workers rather than training local young people, according to the Electrical Trades Union. Read more here


As part of National Skills Week, MP Sharon Bird today launched Labor’s apprenticeship survey which give the community an opportunity to provide direct feedback on the way government can help apprentices. Read more here

  • ACTU MEDIA RELEASE: Abbott Government to create underclass of workers

In an absolute blatant attack on Australian workers the Abbott Government is set to make it easier and cheaper for Australian employers to utilise overseas skilled migrants. All this at a time when we have record unemployment levels. Abbott you and your Government are an absolute disgrace. Read the latest ACTU Media Release here

  • MEDIA RELEASE: Abbott Government’s Building Industry Code bans on minimum apprentice numbers will lead to skills shortages

The Federal Government’s push to impose regulations on the building industry that prevent employers and employees negotiating on a range of policies, including minimum apprentice numbers, will lead to future skills shortages. Read more here

  • ACTU MEDIA RELEASE: Aussie Workers left in the cold by appalling lack of 457 scrutiny: Unions call for Senate Inquiry

Resource, health and service sector unions are united in calling for a Senate Inquiry into the 457 visa scheme following allegations of widespread rorting. Read more here

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New National Occupational Licensing System

From 2012 a new national licensing system will be in place. The ETU National Secretary, Allen Hicks represents members interests on the main Government national licensing committee to ensure training standards are maintained by the new system.

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Rights on Site is a campaign for the 900,000 construction workers across Australia who do not have the same rights in their workplace as all other Australian workers.

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