The NEG and Turnbull’s leadership dead after collapsing to Abbott: ETU

Nicholas McCallum

MEDIA RELEASE: Monday August 20, 2018

The Turnbull Government has shown itself to be impotent and inept when it comes to governing and cannot even get its “signature energy policy” through the party room intact.

It’s clear that Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has no plan for Australia and the Liberals are only interested in maintaining power – but they have no plan for governing the country.

The Electrical Trades Union of Australia condemns Mr Turnbull and his Energy Minister, Josh Frydenberg, for unilaterally imploding the National Energy Guarantee (NEG) because they were unable to quell the rats in their ranks.

ETU Assistant National Secretary David Mier said the deep and extreme public divisions within the Turnbull Government are what is truly preventing Australians from cheaper power bills and new jobs in the energy industry.

“Australia’s hopes of stable energy policy have just been destroyed,” Mr Mier said.

“The contrasting visions for Australia’s energy future between the Liberals and Labor could not be greater.

“The Victorian Labor Government announced this weekend its plan to take direct action and install solar panels on 650,000 homes while Turnbull dumped more than six month’s work and the hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars spent negotiating the NEG.

“Today’s announcement will do nothing for energy prices. Turnbull’s capitulation to Tony Abbott only sparks more uncertainly and abandons investment in new energy generation.”

Mr Mier said the announcement to extend additional regulatory powers to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) was vague and only offered a band-aid when Turnbull and his policy were bleeding out.

“All we’ve heard from Turnbull is a half-baked plan to extend a range of vague regulatory powers at the ACCC, despite the consumer watchdog failing to force a single reduction in energy prices over the past decade,” he said.

“Turnbull tried to make nice over morning tea with Australia’s rich energy CEOs, only to have it turn into a two-hour long lunch that did nothing to reduce household energy costs while energy company profits have trebled.”

The ETU Assistant National Secretary said with Turnbull capitulating to Abbott and the government’s right-wing rabble this weekend, Australia’s energy crisis has only deepened, and the only way out is for Turnbull to call an election and resign in sham

“Turnbull has no plan for Australia and Abbott doesn’t care about your power bill,” Mr Mier said.

“They only care about keeping power for themselves.”

Media enquiries: ETU National Communications Coordinator – Nicholas McCallum

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