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Around Australia thousands of workers are having their basic entitlements ripped off, shoved into precarious employment and wrongly called “casuals”.

Are you a worker who’s been kept on casual wages?

Do you not get annual leave or sick leave?

Do you work the same basic roster every week?

If yes, then you may have a case to claim unpaid entitlements and WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU

What's this all about?

In 2018, the Federal Court ruled that a FIFO truckie called Paul Skene was actually a permanent employee, despite being called a casual and getting paid the casual loading. This meant that his employer, Workpac, had to pay him his entitlements in full – including annual leave and sick leave.

The Federal Court ruled that under the Fair Work Act, Mr Skene could not be considered a casual worker because the nature of his work was continuous and regular, on a fixed roster and found he was entitled to unpaid loading accrued throughout his two-and-a-half years on the job.

That’s a sizeable amount for an employer to rip you off. And he isn’t the only worker who’s been short-changed while working in similar circumstances.

This is what can happen when workers stand up for their rights, and if you’re a worker in this situation WE NEED YOU TO JOIN OUR CAMPAIGN.

We believe there are hundreds – if not thousands – of FIFO and labour-hire workers across Australia who have been underpaid as casuals and denied the proper entitlements while working a systematic and predictable roster.

Bosses have been taking advantage of regular casuals in this situation and for too long, with FIFO workers some of the worst to be exploited. For too long bosses have wrongfully declared workers casual so they can rip you and your workmates off and deny you the rightful entitlements.

The Federal Court says if you work a regular, systematic and predictable roster you are not a casual and should not treated or paid as such.

Join us in the fight for your rightful wages and conditions to make them pay.


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