Stop Morrison's war on working people

Nicholas McCallum

Remember the banking royal commission? Morrison hopes you'll forget. 

The federal election was a little over a month ago and already the Morrison Government is acting like it's a distant memory.

We didn't get the result we wanted and Morrison is hoping we're going to stop fighting and forget.

We can see that in the ramp up of attacks on unions as the Liberals dust off their Ensuring Integrity bill.

Like the ABCC and ROC, this is another weapon in the Morrison Government's war on workers. They want to continue their attacks on what we do every day as we fight to make your lives better.

This bill will rip open your union and allow the government and your bosses to run the show.

It will give the government power to declare who can and who can’t run your union, regardless of who you vote for in the rigorous AEC managed union elections.

This all comes less than a year after the banking royal commission, which found countless examples of predatory behaviour that ripped millions from the pockets of Australian consumers - many of them retirees.

But where is the rush to implement the Hayne Royal Commission’s recommendations?

Short memories - the same short memories the Morrison Government hopes will allow them to roll out even more pro-business, anti-worker IR reforms despite never mentioning these plans during the election.

We’re going to keep fighting the Liberal-National Government all the way to see that this bill never makes it through parliament.

I’m proud of the efforts you put in during the election campaign. I’m proud that you gave up your time to knock doors and stand at market stalls and in shopping centres to talk to people about why we need to Change the Rules and make Australia fairer for workers.

We didn’t win the election but more than ever we need to keep fighting.

We’ll keep fighting to ensure you continue to find opportunities in good, well-paid jobs and making sure our trade is strong and protected.

We’ll keep fighting to see the best energy and climate change policies put in place and to see a plan for the transition for our members who face uncertain futures with another three years of this government with no plan for energy or the environment.

In this year of the ETU’s centenary, as we celebrate 100 Years of Power, we aren’t going to let the government roll over us and our comrades in the union movement.

The Morrison Government wants you to forget about everything your union has fought for and won over this past century.

That’s what the Ensuring Integrity is designed to do: roll back every gain we’ve made.

We’re not going to let that happen. We’re going to keep fighting and I need you to do the same.

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