First Companies Sign On to Queensland's New Contracting EBA

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QLD ETU secures the first signatories for the new Agreement, covering 2020-2023

In a big win for Queensland’s electrical workforce, two major companies have now signed on to the state’s renewed Contracting EBA. 

Securing commitments from Fredon and Q Electrical is a major achievement for the QLD ETU, particularly as Fredon are a first-round contract holder for the state’s flagship Queen’s Wharf development.

This 7-year, $3.6 billion project is set to reshape downtown Brisbane, with Queen’s Wharf planned to occupy a fifth of the city’s CBD once completed. 

At present, there are 30 Fredon electrical workers on site, and this number is expected to ramp up to around 300-400 later in the project. At peak construction, the development will employ around 6,000 tradespeople overall, with an estimated 900-1,200 electrical workers — including lifties and apprentices. 

Construction underway on Queen's Wharf

All Fredon workers on the project will now benefit from the renewed EBA, which was negotiated by the Union in 2019 under the leadership of Assistant Secretary Chris Lynch. 

The EBA contains an annual 3% pay increase and provisions securing weekends off for workers and all overtime to be paid at double time. 

It also contains an Extreme Hot Weather policy ensuring workloads be modified and heat exposure reduced on days when air temperature reaches 35°C; or when temperatures are 28°C or more with 75% humidity three hours after the commencement of a shift. 

These standards set an exciting benchmark for electrical contractors in the state, and their inclusion on this iconic infrastructure project will signal strongly to other QLD companies that high workplace standards reap contracts and rewards.  

Having locked in the first two signatories to the updated 2020-2023 agreement, the Union is now pursuing commitments from other companies including Nilson, Stowe, SDF, Perigon, Klenner Murphy, and Premier Fire. 

The ETU will also fight to make sure contractors involved in the Cross River Rail project, due to be completed in 2024, sign on to the EBA. 


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