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Morrison and Taylor put their 'big stick' away, now let's put people's power front and centre comment

MEDIA RELEASE: Thursday, 14 February 2019 Read More >

Order in the court: What's happening in the legal space in 2019 comment

The ETU National Junior Industrial Officer discusses three major legal concerns for 2019.  Read More >

Unlicensed, Unsupervised, Unacceptable: ETU calls for crackdown on electrical work cost and corner cutting comment

Bosses are bending the rules to save costs. It's putting lives in danger.  Read More >

Sydney Trains faces the future with massive apprentice intake comment

Biggest apprentice intake for Sydney's rail network in 20 years.  Read More >

ETU members wear their Union Pride on Change the Rules National T-Shirt Day comment

Members and families hit the streets in Change the Rules gear.  Read More >

Power companies worry about perceptions as lights go out on aging privatised energy market comment

MEDIA RELEASE: Thursday, 31 January 2019 Read More >

Standing up for apprentices who got stuck with big bills comment

Fact-checking a minister on the radio just one reason this delegate got the Bob Donnelly Award.  Read More >

Union initiative helps keep shipbuilders in the trade and in the state comment

CEPU steps in when the defence minister goes AWOL.  Read More >

The 'Million More Jobs' Myth comment

It's the people and job numbers that aren't counted we should be looking at.  Read More >

CEPU South Australia finds its new home comment

Union pulls into South Australia's Port Adelaide.   Read More >

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