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Another win against labour hire in WA shipbuilding comment

The ETU has long been battling with dodgy labour hire practices in WA's shipbuilding industry, and last week hit a key milestone stamping out the last of this at BAE Systems. Industry Organiser Mark Mocerino shares the story of how this hard-fought victory was won... Read More >

WA Delivers for Crisis-Impacted Apprentices comment

Ash “Moose” Bamford, WA's Apprentice Organiser, shares the story of how the union has been looking out for apprentice members impacted by the crisis, tracking down secure work despite the failure of many employers to cooperate.   Read More >

Apprentice of the Year Applications EXTENDED TO MAY 31 comment

**NB: This year's application period has been extended to May 31st to give everyone time to apply**We are happy to announce that applications are now open for the ETU's annual award for an outstanding apprentice member. Apprentice of the Year recognises a member who embodies the union spirit in terms of leadership, achievement, and commitment to union values. Does this sound like you or somebody you know? If so, get working on your application!    Read More >

Jobkeeper package must be expanded to cover construction workers comment

MEDIA RELEASE:  Tuesday 31 March, 2020  Read More >

Contracting Conference Condemns Casual Labour Crisis comment

At the National Contracting Conference in Adelaide last week, members from around the country came together to talk all things related to the contracting industry—and to call time up on Australia's casualisation crisis.  Read More >

ETU Take the Lead on COVID-19 Workplace Safety comment

Despite stark warnings flooding in from overseas, many Australians—our leaders amongst them—appear to have been caught off-guard and ill-prepared by the fallout from COVID-19. But back when Scott Morrison was still proudly heading to the football and the WHO hadn’t yet declared a pandemic, electrical workers on a core Brisbane construction project were taking the initiative to get workplace measures into place before they became needed. Read More >

ETU Issues Warning: Stay Safe on COVID-19, or Face Closure comment

MEDIA RELEASE:  Wednesday 25 March, 2020  Read More >

Q&A on Economic Stimulus comment

Below is a guide to some of the most frequently asked questions about the various Government's COVID-19 stimulus responses and how it will affect our members. You can also access this resource as a PDF. It’s important to point out that the Government is making daily announcements, often with limited details, and continually update their announcements—making it very difficult to keep information up to date. As much care as possible has been taken in checking the accuracy of this Q&A and it will be updated as further Government announcements/details come to light. Please check back regularly. In regard to the Wage Subsidy announcement on 30 March 2020 (referred to as “JobKeeper Payments"): there is limited detail on this program and the Government has not even drafted the legislation yet. The ETU will be fighting hard to make sure this program will support all workers, particularly apprentice, casual and labour hire workers. If you have specific questions about your situation or your workplace rights, please contact your local ETU branch for advice. The ACTU also has resources and fact sheets available, including on JobKeeper payments, temporary early access to superannuation, and workers' compensation for those exposed to risks or confirmed cases in the workplace. Read More >

Public spending must show public benefit comment

MEDIA RELEASE:  Friday 20 March, 2020  Read More >

Urgent support needed for impacted workers comment

MEDIA RELEASE:  Monday 16 March, 2020  Read More >

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