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Senate urged to reject workers’ comp bill as new research warns workers and small business will be disadvantaged

The Electrical Trades Union is urging crossbench senators to reject proposed workers’ compensation legislation, currently listed for debate this week, after new research warned the proposal would leave workers, small and medium businesses, and taxpayers worse off. Read More >

Lowering English language requirements for workers on 457 visas poses a safety risk in dangerous industries

The Federal Government’s announcement that minimum English language requirements for workers on 457 visas will be lowered poses a serious workplace safety risk in many dangerous industries, the Electrical Trades Union has warned. Read More >

Martin Ferguson should tear up his ALP membership and end the farce that he cares about working Australians

Martin Ferguson may claim he is “Labor to the bootstraps”, but he has sold every other part of himself to the highest bidders in corporate Australia, ETU national secretary Allen Hicks said. Read More >

Electrical Trades Union members protest across Australia in fight against power privatisation

Electrical workers across Australia will today join protests around the country as part of theirfight against the privatisation of publicly-owned assets, according to the Electrical Trades Union. Read More >

Galleria tragedy highlights the need for national audit

The Electrical Trades Union (#ETUAus) has called for a national audit of all high voltage oil-insulated combined-fuse switches, following the recent explosion at Western Australia’s Galleria shopping centre. Read More >

Queenslanders overwhelmingly reject electricity asset privatisation at the ballot box

The people of Queensland have sent an unprecedented electoral message, rejecting the government of Campbell Newman and his agenda to privatise electricity assets, the Electrical Trades Union has said. Read More >

Latest Australian Energy Regulator report confirms privatising electricity assets hurts consumers

A new report from the independent Australian Energy Regulator (AER) has demonstrated once again how privatising electricity assets results in consumers paying more while facing a decline in service quality. Read More >

Attorney-General’s admission confirms Trade Union Royal Commission a political witch-hunt

Attorney-General George Brandis has confirmed an extension to the length and funding of the Trade Union Royal Commission was not based on legal requests, but a decision of the Abbott Government. Read More >

Morrison’s “anti-migrant” union smear a deliberate deception to distract from failing jobs policies

A bizarre claim by Immigration Minister Scott Morrison’s office that unions are “anti-migrant” is not only a baseless smear, but part of a desperate attempt by the Abbott Government to distract from major failings in their skills and employment policies that are driving a surge in unemployment. Read More >

Government urged to reject 457 visa review recommendations that would lead to cuts to skills training, wages, and language skills comment

The Federal Government has been urged to reject key recommendations of the independent panel reviewing the 457 visa program, released today, amid fears they will reduce investment in skills training, wages, lower English language requirements and abolish labour market testing.  Read More >

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