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Qantas workers' 'bogus' bonus comment

'It doesn’t make any sense to us': Qantas staff rebuke bogus bonus.  Read More >

'Extremely valuable': ETU apprentice named best in NSW for 2018 comment

Michael Edwards' work on Snowy Hydro takes him places most will never go.  Read More >

Good news for lift industry workers comment

There are plenty of ups on for lift mechanics.  Read More >

Call to action for Sydney construction comment

The boom is back on in Sydney and the NSW Construction crew are fired up.  Read More >

Labour Hire and LNP killing our industry and tearing communities apart comment

Skills and conditions in Queensland being whittled down by 'shonky' labour hire.  Read More >

Plan to reduce wage discrimination and ‘secret sweetheart pay deals’ will benefit all workers: ETU comment

MEDIA RELEASE: Sunday, 23 September 2018 Read More >

BlueScope bosses get big bucks while workers get peanuts comment

Workers are standing up for a fairer share & to call out corporate greed.  Read More >

Labor accused of selling out workers with support for 'dodgy' Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal comment

MEDIA RELEASE: Wednesday September 12, 2018 Read More >

Warnings to watch out for fellow workers being treated like slaves comment

Foreign visa workers paid 'less than $40 a day'.  Read More >

Why workers in more dangerous jobs need a different approach on Super comment

The Liberals are pushing changes that will affect your coverage.  Read More >

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