New EBAs Secured in Sydney Contracting & Construction

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NSW & ACT kick off the year with further success for their "It's Time" campaign

ETU members in Sydney have been reaping the rewards of the branch’s ongoing push for wage and conditions parity between the electrical workers in the city and their interstate or local counterparts. 

The “It’s Time” campaign, launched in July 2018, has aimed to lift the poor employment standards which had become widespread at construction contractors across the city.

“Thanks to hard work and solidarity from our members and officials, we made significant progress towards that goal during 2019,” says Organiser Fred Barbin. “This year we need to press on and extend the gains to members throughout the industry.”

ETU Agreements include pay rises of at least 12%, raising the productivity allowance to $3.50 per hour, and $2-5 per hour site allowance phased in from December 2020.

They also specify all overtime to be paid at double time, and secure improved rights for HSRs and Union delegates.

After kicking off the year by securing new Agreements at several major companies, the ETU has now chalked up union EBAs at 18 firms across the city. Employees at Star, Heyday, Fredon, Stowe, Goldline, Utech Sydney, SDF, ABI Services, Perigon, Nilsen, Grid, NCI, Dynamite, RSGV, NxGen, City Electrical, KSE Services and JNI Infrastructure will now be covered by the benefits of union EBAs. 

In-principal Agreements have been secured at further firms, and negotiations are underway with many more across the sector. 

The momentum generated by the campaign's success is also placing pressure on obdurate contractors. On Saturday, members at FIP voted by a strong majority to reject a non-union EBA, despite management's best efforts to force their decision. FIP remains the only Tier 1 company in Sydney without a union Agreement. 

"FIP workers deserve to share the same rewards for their hard work as other ETU members across the sector. Well done to all those who stood firm and rejected an inferior outcome," said Branch Secretary Justin Page. 

“Over the past 18 months we’ve shown what Union solidarity can achieve. Our campaign continues until ETU members across Sydney construction share the same gains.”

In Sydney this week, Union construction delegates gathered for their first meeting of the year. Pictured below are workplace leaders from Programmed, Fredon, DESA, John Holland and Star, alongside ETU Organisers Fred Barbin and Antony Stegic. 

Construction delegates and organisers meet in Sydney


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