Inaction on climate change cost the Liberals Wentworth but it will cost Australians more

Nicholas McCallum

MEDIA RELEASE: Friday 26 October, 2018

The Australian people will punish politicians who neglect action on climate change, but the foolish Morrison Government wants to instead back aging technology with taxpayer dollars because business won’t.

The Wentworth by-election confirmed many voters in this once-safe Liberal seat are no longer going to accept excuses for failing our planet and failing to act in the interests of future generations.

National Secretary of the Electrical Trades Union Allen Hicks said the lack of leadership from the Federal Liberal Government was a national embarrassment and the people of Australia and our energy industries were losing out.

“The people of Australia are embarrassed to call that Liberal-National rabble in Canberra our government because of their inaction and failure on climate change,” Mr Hicks said.

“Four out of five voters in Wentworth said climate change was a factor in their vote, with half saying it was very important.

“But Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg and Energy Minister Angus Taylor won’t change course on their policy failures, meaning Australians will continue to lose out.

“Now Morrison and Taylor want to use the taxpayer’s money, your money, to keep old power stations open and fund new ones, because the private sector knows it’s a bad bet. It’s ideology and idiocy.

“If Morrison wants to be fair dinkum, he should start with the facts. And the facts are fossil fuels are accelerating climate change, industry and voters see renewables as the alternative and investors are backing away from coal.

“But this government continues to deny these truths even though business sees it as its main concern.”

Mr Hicks said there were several government MPs who accept the expert advice and it was time they acted in the interests of the Australian people.

“Australians are tired of the inept leadership on climate and energy policy. The uncertainty is costing industry because it doesn’t know which direction each new prime minister will take,” the National Secretary said.

“This uncertain leadership is costing Australians.”

Mr Hicks said Australia deserved a government that was serious about action on climate change and one that would set up the country’s economy for the just transition into renewable energy.

“The longer we fail to take action on climate change and energy policy means more delays of the necessary and inevitable just transition into a renewable energy-driven economy,” he said.

“Governments and MPs that choose to take no action on climate change because of ideology deserve to be booted from office and voters have shown they won’t hesitate to punish them for inaction, no matter which party.”

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