ETU women's t-shirt comp

Design an ETU women’s 2021 t-shirt and win $500!

Send in a design for an ETU women’s t-shirt by 25 June and if your design is the winner you will receive $500!

The winning design will be put onto a t-shirt and launched at the ETU National Women’s conference in August. It will also be available to buy on our website.

The final design will be chosen by the ETU Leadership and National Women’s Committee. 

Open to: ETU members and their immediate family.

Format: send through a PDF, JPEG or PNG of your design. You can draw/sketch something or create something on the computer if you have any graphic design skills.

The design must include:

  1. Rosie the riveter image - download the picture here.
  2. Some reference to the ETU and/or CEPU
  3. Include reference to one or more contemporary issues that the union is facing, e.g. climate change/renewable energy, COVID-19, #enough is enough, the Omnibus Bill or any other big union issue.

The t-shirt itself will be a navy blue colour.

We may adapt your drawing/image to fit our branding and the t-shirt better if we need to.

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