ETU to join hundreds of thousands of workers at the National Rally to Change the Rules

Nicholas McCallum

MEDIA RELEASE: Tuesday 23 October, 2018

Today the working men and women of Australia will take to streets with loud calls to Change the Rules as the nation rallies to restore fairness back in the workplace.

Members of the Electrical Trades Union of Australia will be marching alongside hundreds of thousands of their union sisters and brothers as we stand up and fight for fairness for all Australian workers and their families.

ETU National Secretary Allen Hicks said Australian workers were fed up with the way the Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison Government continues to back Big Business and they are ready to fight back.

“We’ve had gut-full of this rotten Liberal National Government always putting the interests of Big Business ahead of workers and their families,” he said.

“That’s why today we’ll be out marching in the streets with loud shouts to Change the Rules.

“Our system has been pushed too far in favour of the bosses and workers have seen their rights stripped away. And the Liberals are still trying to rip away more from workers.”

Mr Hicks said the people of Australia were not fooled by the Liberals replacing their leader and that Scott Morrison was a new face but the same anti-worker, pro-business Liberal Party policies remained.

“This new prime minister voted against the banking royal commission but voted in favour of penalty rates cuts, same as the old one. Nothing has changed in this government,” he said.

“That’s why our members and their fellow workers will be marching today because we all know things need to change so we can live in a fairer, more equal Australia.

“That’s why hundreds of thousands of workers will today ignore the threats from the Morrison Government, and the threats from the workplace ombudsman and the ABCC, and head to the streets.

“Because we know workers and their families deserve to be treated with more dignity and respect, but this government is not interested in the rights and wellbeing of working families.

“Today’s marches will clearly show that working men and women in this country have had enough of this rotten Federal Liberal National Government and are prepared to fight to Change the Rules and to change the government.”

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