ETU Strong - May Day marches continue around Australia

Nicholas McCallum

As well as marching to Change the Rules in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, there were marches held across Australia that drew crowds numbering in their thousands. 

May Day Marches - Part II 

Across the country more than 250,000 people took to the streets to demand better conditions and pay for Australian workers. 

They were out in force to demand we Change the Rules to make things for Australia's workers. 


It was on for young and old in Adelaide where thousands came out for workers' rights and to Change the Rules. 

South Australia CEPU Secretary John Adley out with the family. Source: John Adley

CEPU SA Secretary John Adley and son march through Adelaide.


There were some serious numbers out in the Top End, where ETU Assistant National Secretary David Mier joined local MPs as the unions fight for better conditions for Australian workers. 

Member for Arnhem Selena Uibo, ETU Assistant Secretary David Mier, Member for Katherine Sandra Nelson and former ETU Organiser turned Member of r POrt Darwin Paul Kirby. Source: David Mier

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David Mier joins ETU members in Darwin. Source: David Mier

ETU members don't shrink in the sun: Alice Springs saw hundreds turn out and march to change the rules

This is how we'll Change the Rules.

ETU members didn't shrink in the sun of Darwin where hundreds marched through the streets in a call to action for workers across Australia. 

The Top End Territorians were joined by their comrades in Alice Springs and Queenslanders in Mackay, Rockhampton, Gladstone and Blackwater. 

From Cairns in the north to the Gold Coast in the south, members of the ETU and their families came out to show the nation what being a proud member of Australia's trade union movement is all about. 

When we're under attack, you can count on the ETU to stand up and fight back.

It's time to Change the Rules!

Out in force in Rockhampton in Central Queensland.

The ETU alongside brother and sisters from the CEPU march through Blackwater.

They marched in Mackay.

Mums and dads, boys and girls marched in Gladstone for May Day.

And on the Gold Coast they were out - young and old - to say Change the Rules!

It was a family affair in Cairns were marches celebrated the efforts of Australian workers.

Queensland State Secretary Peter Ong shows off a blanket made from the shirts of marches past.





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