May Day marches around Australia

Nicholas McCallum

It's the month of May Day and across Australia proud members of the Electrical Trades Union have been marching with force, pride and their union comrades at action days as we fight to Change the Rules

May Day Marches - Part I

March floods Melbourne 

A day after the Turnbull Government handed down a Budget that was nothing more than a vote-buyer aimed at older Australians and Liberals' Big Business mates, more than 100,000 people - some estimates said 120,000 - flooded the streets of Melbourne. 

Traffic and trams came to a standstill as the proud trade unionists of Victoria marched through the streets to demand the rules of Australian industrial law be changed and made fairer for working Australians. 

Trade unionists show their strength on the streets of Melbourne. Source: ETU Victoria

Unionists march with the Eureka Flag - the People's Flag. Source: ETU Victoria

ETU Victorian Secretary Troy Gray addresses the crowd of more than 100,000. Source: ETU Victoria

Melbourne was jammed with more than 100,000 proud unionists and marchers. Some estimates put the crowd as high 120,000 people. Source: ETU Victoria

We'll Change the Rules. Source: ETU Victoria

Secretary of Victoria Trades Hall Luke Hilakari and ACTU Secretary Sally McManus march with their union brothers and sisters in Melbourne. Source: ETU Victoria

Sydney in Solidarity 

On May Day ACTU Sally McManus headed to Sydney's Ultimo TAFE where she was met by ETU National Secretary Allen Hicks, National Industrial Officer Matt Murphy and NSW Organiser Mark Buttigieg as they rallied with some of our new apprentices. 

Union Proud: ETU National Industrial Officer Matt Murphy, ETU NSW Construction Organiser Fred Barbin, ETU National Secretary Allen Hicks, ACTU Secretary Sally McManus, ETU NSW Organiser Mark Buttigieg, ETU NSW Organiser Steve Bankes, ETU NSW Apprentice Officer Tara Koot. Source: ETU National


On Sunday in Sydney, the ETU's NSW branch and National office joined more than 5000 proud unionists to march in solidarity through the streets. 

Members of the ETU NSW branch form up in Sydney's Hyde Park to demand we Change the Rules. Source: ETU National

Young out in front. Source: ETU National

Union Power. Source: ETU National

Brisbane rattles and shakes

The streets of Brisbane were flooded with unionists as they marched on Labour Day - with the mighty ETU Queensland members shaking the city with their chants. 

Queensland ETU members march through the streets of Brisbane. Source: ETU National

ETU Queensland's marching band led the ETU through Brisbane with their tune heard far and wide. Source: ETU National

ETU strong. Source: ETU National

Union Power wil lchange the rules. Source: ETU National

A big crowd was pulled into the streets of Hobart to march for a fairer go. Members of Tasmania's Communications, Electrical and Plumbing Union were out in force. 

The CEPU was out in force in the southern capital. Source: Allen Hicks

Mich-Elle Myers (far left) from the MWU was out in front with members of the CEPU and ETU National Secretary Allen Hicks. Source: Allen Hicks

In Cairns, ETU members and their families marched for what local president Rob HIll said was a "celebration of the worker". 

The ETU Cairns family celebrate the worker. Source: Allen Hicks

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