ETU calls on Australian unions, Industry Super to back its unanimous anti-nuclear stance

Nicholas McCallum

MEDIA RELEASE: Wednesday 10 July, 2019            

The Electrical Trades Union has reaffirmed its opposition to nuclear and called on Australian unions and industry super funds to do the same at its 100 Years of Power conference on the Gold Coast. 

ETU conference delegates unanimously reaffirmed the union’s opposition to uranium mining and nuclear power following a lively debate from academics, politicians and industry spokespeople.


ETU National Secretary Allen Hicks said the celebration of the union’s 100th year of federation was the right moment for the union to reaffirm its decades-long opposition to nuclear power.  

“Today the ETU has reaffirmed its long-held opposition to nuclear power and uranium because the same dangers that surrounded the industry more than 60 years ago remain,” he said. 

“Today we demand that our comrades in the Australian union movement stand with us in our opposition to nuclear power, uranium mining and export. 

“And we demand Industry Super Australia remember who it represents and stop pushing their retirement savings into this expensive and destructive fuel source. 

“Nuclear is an inter-generational crime against humanity and our planet.

“It’s unsafe to mine, unsafe to use and unsafe to store. It’s deadly to mine and can affect workers and their families. 

“It’s a dangerous fuel source because an accident will kill workers and the environment for eons. 

“And you cannot store it anywhere safely with any certainty. When it goes wrong it goes very wrong. It kills entire communities and poisons the survivors and future generations.

“This is about conservative governments supporting the big end of town and allowing the companies to continue to dig up the ground. 

ETU National President Troy Gray warned amid the Morrison Government’s continued failure on energy policy there were dark forces aligning to push “lies about cheap” nuclear power. 

“Coal power stations will come offline in the near future because business refuses to waste money to keep funding them open,” he said. 

“Conservative governments want to use taxpayer dollars to keep them open while pushing lies about cheap nuclear, when they should be assisting with the inevitable and necessary Just Transition away from fossil fuels. 

“The only thing that’s going to stop nuclear happening is the staunch opposition of the ETU. We will not allow it.”

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