Change the Rules: A message from Allen Hicks

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We have a plan to fight back and Change the Rules! 

Australian workers are doing it tough. They need a pay rise. But the Turnbull Government would rather put $65 billion into the pockets of Big Business and the banks.

Last week ACTU Secretary Sally McManus launched the ‘Change the Rules’ campaign.

You may have seen the ad, but if you haven’t – please watch it to see what we’re fighting for.

WATCH & SHARE the Change the Rules TV ad HERE.

We’re fighting for changes that all Australian workers desperately need.

We’re fighting because right now, Big Business has too much power and you have too little.

We’re fighting because 40 per cent of workers are in insecure jobs and wages are stagnant.

At the same time a third of businesses are paying no tax.

And the Turnbull Government still wants to give Big Business a $65 billion tax cut. 

GET INVOLVED! Download a Change the Rules campaign kit HERE.

This is a fight we have to win now and for future generations – and we want you on side with us.

So please watch the video, and make sure to share it with your family, your friends and your co-workers.

Together we can change the rules for a fairer system.

Change the Rules - We need to you to watch and share this ad.


Allen Hicks,
National Secretary
Electrical Trades Union of Australia



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