Tell SAPN management to stand up for SA power workers


The people who work in our power industry are essential. When storms or bushfires knock out our electricity, they're out there in all conditions to get the state back online. 

But the federal government, through the Australian Building and Construction Commission, has decided that some of our power workers don't perform an essential service, and aren't entitled to the job security that essential services workers deserve. 

We think that's crap. We are challenging their decision in court, and we are asking South Australian Power Networks management to back us. 

We are fighting back, and we need you on our side. 

We want to send a message to SAPN management with a billboard across from their corporate offices in Keswick, telling them to support their workers and customers. 

Can you help? Donate below to keep Canberra out of our energy industry and support the people who keep South Australia running. 

$2,395.00 raised
GOAL: $5,000.00
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