Australia Needs A Pay Rise Rally!

Nicholas McCallum

Australia will rally for a raise and to Change the Rules! 

Every Australian deserves a decent, living wage and fair conditions at work - no matter who you are or where you're from.

But Big Business and too many politicians are fighting to force down our wages, sell off our essential services, cut funding for our schools, TAFEs and hospitals and neglect our nation's infrastructure - all while they put their hands out for perks and tax breaks.  

Then they turn around and blame poor, struggling families and immigrants for our country's problems. They want to divide us so we fight each other while they continue to get away with ripping us off. 

No more. Enough is enough! 

Working people are fighting back. We're uniting together as Australians from every background to win a fairer share for working people - just like we won Medicare, safer workplaces, and marriage equality.

Together, we are unbreakable. Together, we'll Change the Rules.

Are you in? 

Rally Details 

CLICK HERE for the rally details in your local city or town:


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