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Dave Tollner must immediately apologise to PWC workers and resign as Treasurer over blackout lies. Read more here
  • Sign the Qantas Petition

Members help us help you.  Please sign the Qantas petition here
  • OSRAC Meeting

    Our ongoing fight against privatisation and push to protect jobs in the electrical trade industry are not the only issues we battle in Australia. We are not alone. The ETU as an affiliate of the Public Service International (PSI) have a strong platform in place to campaign on a global scale. Read more here
  • MEDIA RELEASE: Consumers the big losers if State and Territory Treasurers agree to Hockey’s electricity sell off

    Services will be cut, prices will rise, and regional jobs will be lost if State and Territory Treasurers agree to demands from Joe Hockey today to privatise electricity assets, the Electrical Trades Union has warned. Read more here
  • MEDIA RELEASE: English language test for workers on 457 visas is safety, not politics

    Your Union has slammed a push to water down or remove the English language test requirements for temporary overseas workers brought to Australia on 457 visa, saying basic language skills are essential for maintaining workplace safety requirements. Read more here
  • ETU statement on the Abbott Government's changes to 457 visas

The ETU has released a statement outlining its serious misgivings about the Abbott Government's proposed changes to 457 visas. Read more here 

  • UPDATE: Joint Union Statement - Qantas

The ACTU and your union held another crisis meeting with Qantas CEO Alan Joyce On Wednesday 5 March 2014 so that he could give us an honest answer on job and wage cuts and take up our offer of working together to ensure a sustainable future for the airline.  Read more here
  • SAFETY ALERT - Recall: DC solar isolator

    The ACCC has released a product recall notice for the DKSH Australia Pty Ltd "PVPower" branded DC isolator. To find out more read here

  • Joint Union Statement - Qantas

Following the decision last week by Alan Joyce, Qantas CEO to sack 5,000 workers, the ACTU and your union called a crisis meeting to find out why they are pursuing a strategy of savage job cuts.  Read more here
  • QANTAS:  Matt Murphy's Update

    I just got out of the meeting with Qantas' senior management.  The main points of this meeting can be viewed here

  • Charlotte's Law:  Tougher Cyber Bullying Legislation

Please help by signing the petition to introduce a tougher legislation against cyber bulling here
  • A Message from the National Secretary

    An urgent message to all ETU Members from Allen Hicks, the National Secretary can be viewed here
  • Stop the NSW Power Sell Off

    Selling our electricity network is bad policy!
    Union Members please take action today and email your local MP.  Read more here
  • ACCC boss has his facts wrong: Evidence shows privatised power costs more

    Claiming Australians would benefit from the privatisation of electricity assets is incorrect, and Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) chairman Rod Sims is treading a dangerous line by suggesting it without evidence, according to the Electrical Trades Union. Read more here

    Listen to our National Secretary Allen Hicks outlining the union's view on privatisation on Adelaide's FiveAA radio here
  • Not4Sale Campaign

    The Queensland Treasurer Tim Nicholls announces the Governments intention to sell assets to pay down debt. Read more here
  • Infinity Cable Alert

    This alert is to inform ETU Members of a prohibition notice issued to prevent sale and installation of commonly used electrical building cables imported and supplied by Infinity Cable Co. Pty Ltd. At this time, the only known supplier in Queensland is Masters Home Improvement stores. Read more here


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New National Occupational Licensing System

From 2012 a new national licensing system will be in place. The ETU National Secretary, Peter Tighe, represents members interests on the main Government national licensing committee to ensure training standards are maintained by the new system.

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Rights on Site is a campaign for the 900,000 construction workers across Australia who do not have the same rights in their workplace as all other Australian workers.

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