Delegates/OHS Reps

What is a Union Delegate?

Delegates (sometimes called shop stewards) are your union representatives on the shop floor.

Delegates are appointed in either one of two ways:

  1. Directly appointed by a divisional state branch (CEPU Electrical Division Rules 23.1.1)
  2. Elected by a ballot of financial members in a workplace (CEPU Electrical Division Rules 23.1.3), where there are 4 or more financial members employed at a workplace.

The role of a delegate includes:

  • acting as representatives of the union on a work site
  • reporting industrial conditions and claims of members to divisional offices
  • notifying the divisional office of any arrivals or departure of members and to notify divisional offices of the change of address of any members.
  • recruiting new members
  • in some instances receiving members contributions on behalf of a divisional branch and ensuring that all members are financial (although in most cases today most union fees are received via direct debit)

What is an Occupational Health and Safety Rep?

An OH&S representative is your union representative on all matters regarding Occupational Health and Safety on the shop floor. Like delegates OH&S reps can be appointed directly by a divisional state branch (rule 23.1.1) or where there is one or more members employed on a worksite and OH&S representative may be elected by a ballot of financial members (rule 23.1.4).

The role of an OH&S representative includes:

  • representing members employed on matters relating to OH&S in a workplace
  • reporting to and consulting with the divisional branch secretary, the delegate and members on all matters relating to OH&S
  • taking such action as deemed necessary to achieve a safe working environment for members

Delegate Training

Training information can be accessed by contacting your ETU state branch. If you are interested, please click on your state below for further information: