Why Join?

Why Join the ETU?

  • Legal Help and Advice - We provide our members with industrial information and advice on working conditions and entitlements. Via our solicitors this can also extend to assistance and advice to protect your rights beyond everyday industrial rights.
  • Representation - We represent our members in negotiations with employers and in various industrial courts.
  • Local Organisers - Organisers provide daily support and advice in industrial matters.
  • Individual Representation - At your workplace you should be represented by an elected ETU shop steward.
  • Access to up-to-date Information - Through our journal, The ETU News and branch publications we keep you informed about industrial developments specific to you and your occupation, changes to training and licensing and other items of interest to members - posted to your home address. Other publications provide more specific information and advice on issues such as salaries and working conditions, occupational health and safety and licensing and training.
  • Trade Union Training Courses - A variety of courses are available to develop your skills and union knowledge. Contact your organiser today to find out about upcoming courses.
  • Licensing & Trade Training - We will provide advice and assistance with respect to licensing and training. We are uniquely placed to provide this service as we are the only union staffed by organisers and officials with the same electrical and electronic training and background as our members. We represent our members on licensing boards and training bodies - Should you need help in this area please contact us.
  • Home Loans - Members Equity is a joint venture involving financial giant AXA and 41 industry super funds. Through Superannuation Home Loans/Members Equity we offer competitive home loans, with draw down facilities and a host of other advantages. Members Equity has recently been granted a banking licence which will allow members to be offered credit card facilities in conjunction with cheaper home loans.
  • Other Services - Discounts on many goods and services such as cars, travel, accommodation and entertainment through services the Union Shopper Service. As details vary from State to State contact your branch for further information.