How To Join

Who Can Join?

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You can join the Electrical Division if you work as an electrical, electronic or communications worker.

We cover:

  • NBN workers
  • electrical fitters and mechanics
  • electricians
  • electricians special class
  • licensed electricians
  • construction electricians
  • electronic tradesperson
  • electrical/electronic and communications technicians
  • technical officers
  • foremen and supervisors
  • trades assistants
  • electrical labourers
  • lines people
  • cable jointers and cable workers
  • power industry workers
  • electrical store persons
  • process workers

We can enrol electrical and electronic workers in all industries including:

  • aluminium
  • steel
  • vehicle
  • aircraft
  • the power industry
  • manufacturing
  • building industry
  • electrical contracting
  • radio, television and electronics
  • electronic and electrical service providers
  • communications
  • security and fire protection
  • pulp and paper production
  • all areas of public transport - railways, buses, trams and ferries
  • mining and processing
  • coal, oil, gas and chemicals
  • health
  • higher education
  • water and sewerage  
  • general public service

How do I join the ETU?

Joining the ETU is easy and there are a number of ways for you to join.

1. Call our office and speak to a membership officer:
Call our office on  (02) 9663 3699 and speak to a membership officer who will be able to assist you in joining the ETU.

2. Complete your details online and one of our membership officers will contact you:
Complete the form and one of our membership officers will arrange for an application form to be posted to you. You will need to complete this form and return it to the ETU in order to join.

3. Download and complete the application form:
This feature will be coming soon and will allow new members to download a copy of our membership application form.

If you are unsure as to whether or not you can join please contact us either via the phone or by completing a membership form.