Our Objectives

  • Increasing and protecting the wages and conditions of our members.
  • Continually improving the skills and training of electrical and electronic workers
  • Maintaining an active, involved and vibrant membership. To this end we have implemented the organising model.
Our members are highly skilled and motivated to gain further skills via additional training. This additional training allows us to achieve higher wages for our members in recognition of their skills and training.  It is our belief that this is what sets us apart from other unions. Being a skills based union we have fought continually against government and employer moves to dilute the trades, to decrease training requirements, to deregulate the industry and to decrease the portability of our skills by introducing industry and job specific training.

Our policies support:

  • Full portability of skills across industries and sufficient training to support this portability
  • Uniform training requirements
  • Higher pay for higher skills
  • Maintaining licensing requirements for electricians
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